About Me

I am the founder and CEO of Landward Research, and am a well-respected and sought-after cultural heritage industry leader in the UK, Europe and around the globe.

During my 25-year career, I have held a variety of ever more senior roles and responsibilities across the field of archaeology and heritage in the UK and Europe. Currently, I am also serving as the CEO of FAME, the Federation of Archaeological Managers and Employers.


Undergraduate focus on European and south-west Asian prehistory, led to work in France, Germany, Cyprus, Syria, Israel and Lebanon.

Postgraduate Masters developed heritage management interest, leading to labour market intelligence projects.

PhD by research publication, bringing together three  peer-reviewed, reports on detailed surveys of archaeological employment in the UK from 1998-2008.

Subsequently published as "Breaking New Ground: How Professional Archaeology Works" in 2012.

2009 - 2011

PhD by research publication, University of Edinburgh

1995 - 1998

MA Landscape Archaeology, University of Sheffield

1988 - 1992

MA (Hons) Archaeology, University of Edinburgh



2010 - present


Landward Research

2001 - 2010

Head of Projects and Professional Development

Institute for Archaeologists

1992 - 2001


France, Cyprus, Syria, United Kingdom, Israel, Lebanon, Germany