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A President for Our Times

The Challenge Ahead of Us

This is an EAA Election and an EAA Annual Meeting unlike any other.

The next EAA President will have to steer the EAA and support its members through changes that are going to be challenging.

EAA has faced financial and political crises before. This is different. We will all be coping with this crisis for years to come.

This will affect us all because EAA is an Association of Archaeologists, not of Archaeology. Together we recognise the value of individual archaeologists cooperating, collaborating and sharing.


I want to serve you, my fellow members, as your President precisely because this time is different and I will be a different kind of President, one that suits these different times.

To lead is to serve and to lead is to guide. I want to be the one that serves and guides EAA through the coming hard years because I believe I am the best person to serve EAA in this time of need. I have the skills, experience, credibility and connections to do this.

Crisis management is not just about Covid-19 now, but about what comes after – about the difficult decisions that will have to be taken when membership numbers are down, when subscriptions are falling and when Annual Meeting venues reconsider commitments.

My Vision

As your President, I will protect the opportunities to meet, connect and grow that EAA has given us. EAA is something that we value because it keeps us connected, and I will protect that ideal. This will be my goal, my mission.


I’m an organiser, a planner, a problem-fixer who knows how to run a membership organisation. I know more about European archaeologists than anyone, I know about crises, and I know about managing risks.

Under my lead, EAA will not be growing – it will be improving. It will improve its offer to Members, making our experiences better, letting us all talk more positively about EAA, letting us all share our commitment to the Association.

I won’t let EAA become something we don’t want it to be.                      


I take a consciously ethical and globalist approach to life, work and business. I believe in treating people equitably. I make promises that I keep, and I expect others to do the same.

For twenty-five years I have been enabling people to have satisfying, rewarding, stimulating careers as archaeologists, and I’m going to keep on doing this for the next twenty-five years.

I brought EAA into and led the Discovering the Archaeologists of Europe projects, looking at archaeologists’ work in 22 European countries

I have worked for the European Commission, assessing proposals to the Culture Programme, Horizon 2020 and Marie Curie Fellowships. I am accredited as a lobbyist to the European Commission, Council and Parliament.

I am a member of ICOMOS International Committee for Archaeological Heritage Management, of the Society for American Archaeology’s International Government Affairs Committee and the Register of Professional Archaeologists’ Ethics Committee.

I am an honorary research associate at University College London, the University of York and the University of Winchester.


Please allow me the honour of serving you.


My work has focussed on looking at the work archaeologists do, thinking about who they are, what the skills and qualifications they have and need are, and who they work for - and why.

EAA Engagement

EAA Member since: 2001

Current Chair of Discovering the Archaeologists of Europe Community (since 2018), was previously Chair of the Discovering the Archaeologists of Europe Committee (from 2005-2018).

Chair and then Joint Chair of Committee on Professional Associations in Archaeology from 2008-2014. Was Secretary of the Committee from 2002-2008.

Member of Community (Committee) on Teaching and Training in Archaeology since 2002.

I have attended every EAA Annual Meeting except one since 2001, and have either presented a paper or co-organised a session at most of those.

  • History of Archaeology

  • Commercial Archaeology in Practice

  • Politics, Archaeology and Brexit

  • Lobbying for Archaeology

  • EC Funding for Archaeology

  • Labour Market Intelligence

  • e-learning for Cultural and Natural Heritage

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